Life-Saving Commitment #9: Properly Secured Loads Safety

Life-Saving Commitment #9: Properly Secured Loads

Protect and properly secure all loads and materials. Ensure that all loads and/or materials are properly distributed and adequately secured while in transit.

If you are the driver you should: 

  • Inspect all materials or equipment to ensure it is properly secured from movement
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the cargo, materials or equipment that it cannot shift, fall or move
  • Check to ensure all necessary securement devices are installed properly
  • Conduct a per-drive inspection

If you are the Supervisor or the person in charge you should:

  • Confirm drivers are properly trained in appropriate securement rules
  • Have the proper and correct number of securement devices at the jobsite, yard or garage
  • Have a proper inspection system for all securement devises
  • Educate all drivers regarding driver distraction and traffic laws
  • Confirm that the driver and/or operator is not fatigued