Housekeeping Safety


Make it a routine to keep all areas clean!

Why should we pay attention to housekeeping at work?

What is the purpose of workplace housekeeping? 

Poor housekeeping can cause serious injuries / incidents, such as:

  • tripping over loose objects on floors, stairs and platforms
  • being hit by falling objects
  • slipping on greasy, wet or dirty surfaces
  • striking against projecting, poorly stacked items or misplaced material
  • cutting, puncturing, or tearing the skin of hands or other parts of the body on projecting nails, wire or steel strapping

To avoid these hazards, we must “maintain” order throughout our workday.

Housekeeping order is “maintained” not “achieved.” Cleaning and organization must be done regularly, not just at the end of the shift. Integrating housekeeping into jobs can help ensure this is done.

We must all take responsibility in keeping “Our House” clean by:

  • keeping our work areas clean during and after a job task
  • proper  waste disposal of materials
  • removal of unused materials from work areas
  • proper storage and organization of materials and tools
  • inspections to verify work areas are clean

We must ALL take pride in keeping “Our House” clean.

Remember a “Clean House” is a “Safe House!”