Influencing Compliance Safety

Influencing Compliance

Motivate for safety’s sake!


What are you doing to motivate safety compliance?

What motivates people to work safely …or unsafely?

Safety professional’s often talk about the ABCs of Behavioral Safety when discussing motivation:


Behavioral choices


  • Things that trigger the need for us to take action are A
  • Activators guide us in making Behavioral choices.
  • Behavioral choices or actions we take are influenced by the perceived Consequences of those choices or actions.

If a long-time employee ignores a safety requirement, a newer employee may be motivated to ignore the requirements as well.  But if the long-time employee points out and follows the requirement, the newer employee is more likely to be compliant.

Every day, each of us impacts safety by our actions and words.  Are you doing and saying the right things to be a safety motivator?