Life-Saving Commitment #5: Fall Protection Safety

Life-Saving Commitment #5: Fall Protection

Protect yourself against a fall when working at heights.

Use fall protection equipment to keep you safe when working outside a protective environment where you can fall 6 feet or more.

A protective environment includes approved scaffolds, stairs with handrails, aerial lifts or other equipment that provides a protective system.

You should:

  • Have authorization and required training to work at heights outside a protective environment.
  • Be aware of what fall protection equipment to use and how to use it.
  • Be trained in the proper use of fall protection equipment and understand the total fall distance.
  • Check equipment before using it.
  • Always tie-off to an approved anchorage point when at height outside of a protective environment.

If you are the Supervisor or the person in charge of the work you should:

  • Confirm that it is safe to start work at height.
  • Confirm that appropriate measures have been taken to prevent falls.
  • Review fall protection plan and communicate the plan to your employees.