Line of Fire Safety

Line of Fire

Many people are killed as a result of being in the line of fire during construction work in the world.  We want everybody on site to be more aware about the risks of being in the line of fire. Do you know that all injures associated with line of fire could be avoided by simple precautions?

Construction workers are exposed to a wider variety of hazards and face a greater risk of work-related injury or fatality than employees in any other industry. In order not to be in the Line of Fire or to put somebody there you MUST be aware of the constantly changing work environment around you.

Please follow the 20-20-20 Rule when working.

  • Every 20 minutes
  • Take 20 seconds
  • Look 20 feet all around you

Look for anything that may have changed since your work started. Make sure you look out for everyone in your crew and working around you.