Life-Saving Commitment #6: Suspended Loads Safety

Life-Saving Commitment #6: Suspended Loads

Do not walk under a suspended load

Working or walking immediately under a suspended load is unsafe as the load can fall on you. A suspended load is an object that is temporarily lifted and hangs above the ground.

You should: 

  • Never walk or stand under a suspended load
  • Never cross a barrier controlling an area with a suspended load without authorization
  • Know and understand warning systems that notify you of a lift and suspended load
  • Follow the instructions of the flagman or the person in charge of the lift

If you are the Supervisor or the person in charge of the work you should:

  • Mark the unsafe area and put barriers in place where suspended loads will take place
  • Ensure that nobody walks or stands under a suspended load
  • Communicate all lifts and suspended loads during daily task planning