Ten Basic Safety Rules Safety

Ten Basic Safety Rules

  1. Follow instructions. Do not take chances!
  2. Correct or report unsafe conditions
  3. Help keep the jobsite clean and orderly
  4. Use the right tools and equipment for the job
  5. Report all injuries immediately to your Supervisor and Safety, no matter how minor
  6. Use, adjust and repair equipment only when authorized
  7. Use personal protective equipment (PPE)
  8. No horseplay. Avoid distracting others!
  9. When lifting, bend your knees, lift with your legs and don’t twist. Get help for heavy loads or don’t move it. Use mechanical lifting devices when needed
  10. If there’s any uncertainty about something you’re going to do that you think is not safe, STOP THE WORK! It’s easier to justify 10 minutes of down time to review, correct or educate than it is to explain why someone got hurt, one injury to a JJW employee is one too many!

Remember: If it isn’t safe, DON’T DO IT