A Handful of Crane Signaling Tips Safety

A Handful of Crane Signaling Tips

For the Signaler:

  • Talk out the complete job with the operator before starting any task
  • Position your body so the signals can be seen clearly and from a distance
  • Stay in the line of sight with the crane operator during the entire task – use a signal-relay person if necessary
  • Do not multi-task – have a dedicated signal person
  • If job conditions change, stop and re-group
  • If you must use a radio for signals, pre-test radios for clarity and have a communication “Plan B” if radio goes out
  • Have a post-job discussion with the operator. If it was a good lift, let them know. If there are improvements that are needed, let them know. This is a good practice and safe time for an excellent learning opportunity.

For the Operator:

  • If more than one person starts to give signals, stop all movement
  • If signaling becomes sloppy and unreadable, stop all movement. Never guess what signal is being given
  • Keep hands off of controls while signals are not being given
  • You are an extra set of eyes and often have the best overall view of the job. Use this advantage to be an additional Safety Lookout for the group

As always, Inspect & Respect all tools and equipment