Slips, Trips & Falls Pt. II Safety

Slips, Trips & Falls Pt. II

Maintain work areas to prevent slips, trips and falls

Housekeeping is the key to preventing slips, trips and falls

  • Keep walkways, aisles and stairs free of tools, materials and other hazards
  • Clean up any leaks or spills on floors, stairs, entranceways and loading docks
  • Repair or report floor problems such as uneven surfaces, missing tiles, broken planks etc
  • Block off and mark floor areas that are being cleaned or repaired
  • Keep cords, power cables and air hoses out of walkways
  • Place trash in proper containers
  • Report missing or broken stair rails and slippery or damaged treads
  • Walk, don’t run on stairs. Hold onto stairs rails while going up or down
  • Don’t jump on or off platforms and loading docks
  • Don’t carry a load you can’t see over