Stay Alert – Avoid Slips, Trips & Falls Safety

Stay Alert – Avoid Slips, Trips & Falls

There are various ways to suffer slips and falls while working. You can slip and lose your balance, you can trip over objects left in walkways or you could simply fall from elevated position above the ground.


The worst falls are from elevated positions like ladders and scaffolding. They may result in serious injuries or death. Learn and practice ladder safety and the proper use of scaffolding.

Hold onto handrails when using stairs or ramps. They are there to protect you should a fall occur.

When climbing, use a ladder of proper length that is in good condition. Keep it placed on a firm surface. Do not climb a ladder placed on machinery, crates, stock or boxes. Keep the ladder base 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet of height. Don’t over reach. Always have control of your balance when working from a ladder. Never climb a ladder with your hands full, and always carry tools in a proper carrying devices. Always check the ladder for defects prior to use.