3 Tips to Avoid Pothole Damage Safety

3 Tips to Avoid Pothole Damage

Avoid Potholes and Avoid Pothole Stress!

What can you do to avoid them? TRY:

  • Leaving more space between you and the driver ahead of you.This is just general good driving practice, but it comes in handy avoiding potholes too. After all, the more space between you and the other guy, the more likely you are to notice a pothole and calmly dodge it.
  • Slowing down. Ratchet your speed back a little bit to improve your reaction time. Also, hitting a pothole at lower speeds typically doesn’t cause as much, or as serious damage as hitting one at higher speeds.
  • Watching out for water. After a rainstorm or snow, potholes can fill with water. That makes them harder to see, and harder to judge how deep they are. That makes them even more mysterious and dangerous! So when in doubt, avoid them.

Pothole damage accounts for nearly 500,000 insurance claims every year!

So if you’ve been a victim of one, you’re not alone.

That’s why it’s important to stay alert, slow down, and keep an eye out, to avoid some costly damage and some serious stress.

Tool Box Talk Based from Multiple NMGC submitted from the PES site in regards to pot holes. * NOTE: PES has begun repairing the pot holes.