Slips, Trips and Falls: Equipment Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls: Equipment

Preventing Falls from Equipment

Ask the following questions:

  1. What are the hazards? Falls from heights, mud, ice, slippery conditions
  2. What are the results? Broken bones, internal damage, death
  3. What should we look for? Improper entry and exit, not wearing safety equipment, riding on loads, not riding in a proper seat, climbing on tractor trailers, or falls during maintenance.

How do we prevent these results?

  • Do not jump from equipment
  • Use three points of contact when ascending or descending equipment
  • Keep steps, rungs, and treads clear of ice, mud, etc
  • Wear your seat belt or other fall protection devices where applicable
  • Do not ride loads or buckets
  • Use equipment as it is intended and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations