Line of Fire Safety

Line of Fire

It is important to always remember that line of fire hazards are some of the most deadly. Awareness is the first line of defense. Be alert conditions may change where the line of fire zone exists, including wind gusts and falling objects. Recognize and avoid areas where barricades and hazard signs are installed. Pay close attention to personnel and objects above, below and in the immediate work area during any job evaluation.


  • Never walk under a suspended load.
  • Communicate to other workers when entering a lifting/hoisting zone.
  • Balance the load prior to lifting.
  • Rigging equipment shall never be loaded in excess of its maximum safe loading limit.

Tensioned Lines

  • Be aware and stay clear of tensioned lines such as cable, chain and rope.
  • Use only correct gripping devices. Select proper equipment based on size and load limit.
  • Be cautious of torque stresses that equipment can generate. Equipment can rotate unexpectedly long after applied torque force has been stopped.

Objects with Fall Potential

  • Not all objects may be overhead; be especially mindful of top-heavy items and items being transported by forklift or flatbed.