Line of Fire: At your best? Safety

Line of Fire: At your best?

Out of ‘the zone’ and ‘into the line of fire’

‘The zone’: a mental state where a person performing a work activity is fully focused, energized, involved, and enjoys the process of the activity. Fully understanding the risks and controls necessary to ensure their own safety and that of others at all times.

  • Do you ever feel you have gone through a whole day, know you have done your job but cannot remember how or what you have done?
  • Have you ever walked out of a meeting or conversation with your head still in the meeting room and nearly walked into someone, a lamp-post or, even worse, a road or busy walkway?

Factors including stress, fatigue, work/life balance, health concerns, drugs, alcohol, lack of exercise, working in high pressure environments and many others can cause people to be less alert, less able to process information, have slower reaction times and less interest in working.

Staying alert may stop you from being in the wrong place at the wrong time!