Line of Fire Safety

Line of Fire

• Never walk under a suspended load.
• Communicate to other workers when entering a lifting/hoisting zone, even if for a short period.
• Balance the load prior to lifting.
• Rigging equipment shall never be loaded in excess of its maximum safe loading limit.

Tensioned Lines
• Be aware and stay clear of tensioned lines such as cable, chain and rope.
• Use only correct gripping devices. Select proper equipment based on size and load limit.
• Be cautious of torque stresses that drilling equipment and truck augers can generate. Equipment can rotate unexpectedly long after applied torque force has been stopped.

High-Pressure Hydraulic Tools
• Only trained or instructed individuals should change fittings on or make modifications to hydraulic tools.

Regulator/Gauge Pressurization
• During the instant that pressure is introduced into a cylinder regulator gauge, stand aside and avoid facing the front or back of the regulator gauge.