Incidental Spill Response Safety

Incidental Spill Response

Even though incidental spills don’t cause emergency threats to workers or our facility, they should still be handled with urgency and approached with caution.

A technique you can use during incidental spill response is SPAR: Stop, Protect, Attack and Report. These steps will help you and others around you stay safe while you’re addressing incidental spills.

S = Stop

  • Is the spill incidental or does it create an emergency situation?
  • Is it safe for me to clean up this spill?

P = Protect

  • Do I need any PPE?
  • Do I need to protect sensitive areas like drains or electrical panels?

A = Attack

  • Contain the spill
  • Use absorbents, vacuums or other tools to clean up the spilled materials
  • Restore the area to pre-spill conditions to reduce the chance of slips and falls

R = Report

  • Even if it was a small spill, inform a supervisor or spill team coordinator so that response

*Tool Box Talk based on GC submitted by Brian Dion – Exelon Mystic Station