Line of Fire: Flying Debris & Projectiles Safety

Line of Fire: Flying Debris & Projectiles

  • Another “Line of fire” hazard we must consider is flying debris. There are many operations we perform that create flying debris and projectiles
  • Before starting these types of operations, make sure to protect yourself by wearing the proper protective equipment and perform the task in a safe manner
  • As the operator, it is your responsibility to know where the debris is going and that no bystanders are in harm’s way
  • All workers should understand that projectiles can be thrown from these types of operations and that a safe distance must be maintained. Coming too close, especially without wearing proper protection, places you in the line of fire
  • If tools, parts or other loose items are stored where they may fall into rotating equipment, they can become projectiles. Be aware of this hazard and keep it in mind when scanning your work area for potential hazards
  • For example, before using a drill press, take a quick look to make sure the key was not left in the chuck. Once the press gets up to speed, the key can fly out with great force