Fall Prevention: Skylights & Holes  Safety

Fall Prevention: Skylights & Holes 

  • Guard or cover all holes with adequate guardrail systems or covers. Label covers (for instance, “HOLE”).
  • Use temporary barricades for work or permanent guarding system such as cage around skylights.
  • Ensure materials used for guardrail systems and covers are of adequate strength, meeting the OSHA standards.
  • Use Fall protection PPE when possible.
  • What issues can lead to falls through skylights and holes? Unguarded skylights and holes, placing weight on skylight, no PPE used, etc.
  • Are there skylights or holes near your work area? Are they guarded or rated to walk on?
  • What makes an adequate guard? Materials used are of adequate strength, full railing system, cages, etc.
  • Is fall arrest or restraint systems provided here? Are you trained to use it?
  • If you are going to use fall arrest or restraint systems, what will be the anchor point?