Portable Abrasive Wheels Safety

Portable Abrasive Wheels

Portable abrasive wheels have most of the hazards of the wheels mounted on fixed stands. The fact that they’re portable makes them more hazardous in some ways. They have to take lots of punishment because they get banged around and dropped. Always check the wheel for damage prior to use.

If portable wheels are properly mounted and used right, you won’t get hurt, but if you misuse them, you may get hurt. The biggest danger is that the wheel may explode. It’s probably running at 2,000 or 3,000 rpm’s, and if you bang it into something or give it a good blow it’s apt to let go. Don’t forget that those chunks from an exploding wheel are plenty hard and have sharp corners. They can cause serious injury.

The guard should cover at least half the wheel. First, check the tool over carefully. Is the cord in good condition? Is the guard on tight? Does the trigger work right? Does it cut off the power when you take your finger off? Does the wheel run smoothly and without vibration?


*Tool Box Talk based on GC submitted by Bob O’Hanlon – P66 Bayway