Fall Prevention: Scaffolding Safety

Fall Prevention: Scaffolding

To avoid the use of makeshift platforms, each job should be carefully planned to assure that scaffolding is used when required and that scaffolding conforms to the applicable regulations.

  • All scaffolds must be fully planked and constructed to support the load they are designed to carry. Scaffold planks must be cleated or secured, or extend over the end supports by at least 6 inches, but not by more than 12 inches
  • Ties, guys, and braces for a scaffold must be installed according to the scaffold manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Barrels, boxes, kegs, horses, ladders, loose tile blocks, loose piles of bricks, A-frames or other unstable objects shall not be used as work platforms or to support scaffolds. Never use work platforms mounted on top of other work platforms
  • Guardrails, midrails and toeboards must be installed on all open sides of scaffolds, 10 feet or more in height
  • Falling object protection must be provided in areas where persons are required to work or pass under a scaffold