Fall Prevention: Safe Practices Safety

Fall Prevention: Safe Practices

Falls occur from an individual descending freely by the force of gravity. A fall can happen from any surface higher than four inches such as ladders, hydraulic lifts, large equipment, elevated walkways, ramps, or platforms. Falls may also occur into or through a hole. The majority of falls occur from heights less than 10 feet, so safety precautions need to be taken, even at lower heights.

Safe practices for individuals :

  • Utilize handrails or grab bars in areas where there are stairs or changes in elevation
  • Use 3 points of contact when mounting or dismounting equipment (1 hand/2 feet) or (2 hands/1 foot)
  • In wet or icy conditions, take smaller steps and try to ensure your torso stays balanced over your feet
  • Use slip-resistant matting or provide textured surfaces in potentially wet areas
  • Minimize distractions to remain alert to hazards and avoid carrying bulky items that block your view
  • Remove obstructions from travel areas, such as extension cords, power cords, hoses, boxes, or tools
  • Stay alert to parts projecting from machines or equipment