Fall Protection: Six Feet Or Higher Safety

Fall Protection: Six Feet Or Higher

When exposure to fall hazards of 6’ or more cannot be prevented through such measures as permanent or semi-permanent guarded scaffolds or platforms, personal fall protection equipment must be used.

(Note: Some site locations require protection at 4’ so please check with your facility)

  • The fall protection policy applies to working at elevated work locations that are 6’ or more above a lower level or grade level.
  • A fall protection system consists of guardrails, full- body harness with a shock absorbing lanyard and anchorage, lifelines, safety nets, warning lines, safety monitoring systems.
  • Fall protection systems are required at all times for personnel on unprotected walking/working surfaces above dangerous equipment.
  • Personal fall arrest is required when working on scaffolding if the scaffolding is used in a manner that reduced the protection provided; when working from an articulating boom or suspended platform, and when riding or working from a man basket.
  • Personal fall arrest devices consist of full-body harnesses with a lanyard. Harnesses must have upper middle back “D” rings for proper body suspension during a fall. Lanyards must be fitted with a double locking snap hook to prevent “roll-out”.
  • Anchoring of fall protection – personnel using articulating boom platforms must anchor to the manufacturers designated anchorage point.
  • Personal fall arrest devices must be anchored waist high or higher to minimize free fall. The higher the anchorage point the better. Always elevate the anchorage point as high as possible.