‘Mindful’ Health & Safety Culture: Mindset II Safety

‘Mindful’ Health & Safety Culture: Mindset II

Signs of a safety mindset among personnel

  • They use their equipment as it’s meant to be used
    • If personnel have bought into safety, they habitually inspect equipment before using it to make sure it’s safe. Then they invariably followallinstructions for safe operation. They never take dangerous “short-cuts” or use equipment in ways not intended. Moreover, they will always wear the necessary safety equipment. They do things as they’re supposed to be done, as a matter of choice.
  • They’re aware of their surroundings
    • Safety doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Every situation is different, with unique hazards and unexpected dangers that can arise at any time. Personnel with a safety-first mindset proactively keep an eye out for safety issues. They’re like excellent “defensive drivers”—keeping themselves and everyone else safe by always focusing on the road ahead and avoiding potentially dangerous situations.