‘Mindful’ Health & Safety Culture: Mindset Safety

‘Mindful’ Health & Safety Culture: Mindset

Let’s face it—no matter how good your safety polices are, the level of safety at your company will ultimately be determined by the attitude of your personnel.

Above all, safety is a mindset. Policies are just words—if they’re not followed, they don’t keep people safe. It takes personnel with the right attitude to turn safety policies into real safety.

Management sets the tone—more so with their actions than with their words. However, while management must champion and provide real support for safety measures, safety programs are most effective when they aren’t “top-down.”

When a company reaches a best-in-class safety level, you’re certain to find a genuine appreciation of safety among operations personnel, the people who are most often in danger’s way. They are diligent about safety out of a sense of self-protection, as well as a desire not to hurt others.