Tie Off Anchorage Point Safety

Tie Off Anchorage Point

One of the most important aspects of personal fall protection systems is fully planning the system before it is put into use. Probably the most overlooked component is planning for suitable anchorage points for tie-off.  Improper anchor points and improper use of fall arrest equipment presents hazards to personnel which may be avoided by following these guidelines:

Anchorages must be installed immediately prior to use. In many cases, there is a need to devise an anchor point from existing structures. This point must becapable of supporting 5,000 pounds per worker.

A qualified person should evaluate the suitability of these “make shift” anchorages with a focus on proper strength. Ensure that the anchorage is compatible with your system.

Personnel must be properly trained to use personal fall protection systems. Training should include the following:

  • Application limits
  • Proper anchoring and tie-off techniques
  • Estimation of free fall distance (deceleration and total fall distance)
  • Systems use, inspection, and storage (including inspections before each use)
  • Work-site conditions


*Tool Box Talk based on GC submitted by Mike Deschambeault Exelon Mystic Station