Excavation Safety: General Requirements (Cont’d)    Safety

Excavation Safety: General Requirements (Cont’d)

  • Superimposed loads, such as mobile equipment working close to excavation edges, require extra sheet piling, shoring or bracing. The use of mobile equipment near excavations also requires substantial barricades or stop logs
  • Have a competent person on-site who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards and has the authority to take prompt corrective action
  • A competent person should be able to identify soil classifications and the protective systems to use in accordance with the OSHA Excavation standard, Subpart P
  • A competent person must make ongoing daily inspections of excavations, adjacent areas and protective systems, including after every rainfall or other hazard-producing occurrence
  • Walkways or bridges are needed for crossing over excavations. Walkways or bridges over excavations greater than 4 feet deep require standard guardrails
  • Erect standard guardrailing or solid sheeting no less than 42 inches above ground level around all tunnel shafts and bore pits
  • Barricade or cover all wells, pits or shafts
  • Back fill excavations upon completion

Tomorrow we will review Requirements for Protective System