Excavation Safety: General Requirements Cont’d Safety

Excavation Safety: General Requirements Cont’d

General Requirements Continued:

  • Do not permit employees to go underneath the loads of lifting or digging equipment.
  • When hazardous atmospheric conditions exist or you can reasonably expect them to exist, test and control the atmosphere to prevent exposure to harmful levels.
  • Removable-type steel casings, and individually manned lifelines and harnesses are needed to protect employees in bell-bottom pier holes. Follow confined-space entry procedures.
  • Employees must not work in excavations in which there is accumulated water unless they follow necessary safety precautions.
  • Additional underpinning, shoring or bracing may be required when adjoining utility lines, foundations, walks and footings are endangered.
  • Store spoils, equipment and other materials that can pose a hazard at least 2 feet away, or use effective retaining devices.¬†¬†

Additional Requirements will be reviewed tomorrow.