Vehicle Safety: Fixed Objects Safety

Vehicle Safety: Fixed Objects

Striking fixed objects with moving equipment or vehicles is common in manufacturing settings, on construction sites, and for occupations such as delivery drivers. Striking fixed objects is 100% avoidable if the proper steps are taken to prevent these kinds of incidents. It is important to take the time and energy to properly eliminate or mitigate the chance that fixed objects are struck.

Ways to Prevent Striking Fixed Objects

The single best way to prevent these types of incidents is through elimination of the exposure to the hazard. Fixed objects are just that, they are fixed; the only way they will be struck is from the movement of the vehicle you are controlling. Elimination can be achieved by not being near the fixed object at all or by not installing the object in an area where it can be struck in the first place. Often times poor planning or foresight is involved in these types of incidents. Obviously not all fixed objects that are encountered at work were installed by our company and many of them cannot be eliminated or reinstalled in another spot.