Motor Vehicle Safety: Defensive Driving Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety: Defensive Driving

For some of us, the most dangerous thing we do every day is driving to and from work. For others, driving is simply part of the job. In order to complete these tasks safely on a day to day basis we must incorporate the following techniques into our everyday commute.

  • Do a quick walk around your vehicle to evaluate the condition of your vehicle prior to getting on the road
  • Always keep your eyes moving, constantly looking at your side and rear view mirrors, up, behind and to both sides of the vehicle. Maintain a visual of 2-3 car lengths in front of you
  • When changing lanes, physically turn your head around to check your blind spot. Followed by checking your side and rear view mirrors
  • Leave at least 2 seconds in front of you and the car in front of you. During inclement weather, increase this to at least 5 seconds.
  • Always give yourself an out. Avoid remaining next to other automobiles, move ahead or drop behind them to allow yourself room for maneuvering in case something happens.
  • Stop prior to stop signs and then roll forward slightly to get a better look in each direction.
  • Always use signals and be sure to signal ahead of time to communicate your intensions to other drivers.
  • Refrain from driving while suffering from emotional distress or tiredness. Stop for fresh air or move around in order to wake up.
  • Be predictable; avoid multiple lane changes at once and last minute turn signal notifications.

Help reduce the likelihood of vehicle accidents by always practicing the tips mentioned above. Remain alert and always remember a defensive driver is a safe driver.