The Task “At Hand” Safety

The Task “At Hand”

People usually approach their tasks “at hand” in one of two ways: they either don’t think of safety at all before they jump into the task or they think that they “won’t” or “can’t” hurt themselves. Wrong. They will … if not today then most likely sooner than later. Do the smart thing: Before you begin a project, or take up a tool or start a piece of equipment, think of the accident that CAN and WILL happen unless you make sure that it doesn’t.

Apply the “what if” criteria of safety to what you are doing: What if…the knife slips while I am stripping this wire? Will I cut myself? What if…the screw driver slips off this stubborn screw I’m trying to remove from this box in my hand? Will I punch the screwdriver through the palm of my hand? What if…that pallet of material falls off the fork lift while I am holding this gate open? Will my hands be crushed?

Keep your mind on safety and your hands will continue to provide you with a way in which to achieve your personal goals.