Aerial Lift Operator Safety

There are several deaths and serious injuries each year that come as a result of neglecting aerial lift operator safety, many of which are preventable. In this talk, we will give you tips on scissor lift safety procedures and boom lift safety. We will also give you a brief explanation and some background to help you understand why it’s important. We hope that these tips will help guide you, as an employer or an employee, to practice and educate others on aerial lift operator safety.

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There are some general aerial lift safety precautions that can be taken regardless of what type of aerial lift you’re using. According to investigations of aerial lift safety conducted by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the main causes of aerial lift deaths are falls, electrocutions andcollapses or tip overs. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by following the aerial lift safety procedures that are included in the owner’s manual.

Hire, train and test aerial lift operators.

Overall, employers need to make sure aerial lift operators are trained to follow safety procedures. In order to verify the person operating the aerial lift is trained and familiar with the safety procedures, we recommend having employees demonstrate their knowledge before going in the field to operate the piece of equipment. This way the employer can be confident knowing that the employee is well versed in the operation of the equipment and any necessary safety measures. The reason we note this tip first is that if you have a trained person using the lift, they should be familiar with the overwhelming majority of the tips on this list. However, whether you are the employer or the employee, it is good to be familiar with the aerial lift operator safety tips to ensure your aerial lift is being used safely.