Aerial Work Platform Safety Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety

Clear people from the base and entire circumference of the boom lift.

Since boom lifts’ range of motion is greater than a scissor lift, it affects a larger area on site. Workers should avoid not only the base of the boom lift, but also the entire circumference of the boom lift, which can be a wide area. This may seem like an excessive measure to take, but tools or other pieces of equipment can be accidentally dropped from the basket and result in an injury to someone on the ground. In rare cases, boom lifts can tip over, much like scissor lifts, but with a greater reach, the boom lift could cause catastrophic damage. To be safe, make sure the area is completely clear.

Follow manufacturing instructions for moving around the job site.

When moving the boom lift around the job site, make sure you know whether it can be moved in an upright position. If it is not meant to be in motion while it is extended, do not try to move it. And even if it is permitted to move while fully extended, avoid it if possible. Navigating around a job site with a boom lift fully extended puts the person in the work platform at risk, and also puts the operator at risk for bumping into other pieces of equipment, structures or even electrical wires. With or without someone in the bucket, you have an increased risk of an accident, so we recommend keeping the bucket down when navigating around the job site.