Aerial Work Platform Safety: Boom Lift Safety Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety: Boom Lift Safety

There are two different types of boom lifts (also known as man lifts): telescopic and articulated boom lifts.

How the platform moves depends on the type of boom lift. Telescopic boom lifts extend straight out horizontally, and then up and down. Articulated boom lifts, on the other hand, have joints in their extension (also known as knuckle lifts), giving them more flexibility.

Wear a harness and secure the lanyard to the bucket

Since these lifts are not just going straight up in the air, there’s additional risk for the person riding in the platform. Regardless of whether you’re in a telescopic or articulating boom lift, make sure you always wear your harness and securely fasten the lanyard to the platform as instructed in the manufacturer’s manual. Falling out of the platform may seem unlikely, but an unexpected force from a collision with another piece of equipment or a gust of wind could knock you out off of the platform; without a harness and lanyard, it could result in serious injury or death.