Aerial Work Platform Safety II Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety II

Use good sense during operation.

  • Move the controls lever slowly. Allow the platform to stop before attempting to move in a different direction.  Keep your eyes and mind focused on your movement.
  • Never use an open flame to check fuel or battery levels on a man-lift.
  • Never take chances or try to operate a man-lift if you’re feeling dizzy or unsteady in any way.
  • Never lean over platform railings to perform work.
  • Never operate a man-lift in high winds. When operating Man-lift type     equipment in sustained winds exceeding 25 mph, the work must be reevaluated or suspended. Contact your Safety Coordinator or Superintendent for guidance.

Safety and Responsibility.

  • Aerial work platforms are personnel lifting devices that must be properly maintained and operated safely to prevent accidents or injury.
  • The operation of new or unfamiliar equipment can be dangerous in the hands of untrained operators.
  • It is the responsibility of the operator to be familiar with the manufacturers’ manual and follow all safety recommendations.
  • JJW requires training for all personnel who will operate man-lift type equipment regardless of previous experience and skill levels.