Aerial Work Platform Safety III Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety III

Do’s and Don’ts of operating manlifts

Here are some important things to remember while operating manlift equipment.

  • DO Perform pre-operation checks for structural, electrical, operational deficiencies as well as labels and associated engine fluids.
  • DO Follow all prescribed Safety precautions outlined in the operation and maintenance manual.
  • DO Wear a full body harness and lifeline tied off to the manufacturers’ designated anchorage point while on the platform.
  • DO Walk the intended travel path for hazards.
  • DO Utilize the controls in a gentle easing motion.   This will prevent the platform from rocking needlessly.
  • DO Utilize spotter(s) when in or near process areas or areas with limited visibility.

Do’s and Don’ts of operating manlifts (continued)

  • DON’T Operate a manlift without familiarizing yourself with the machines operating characteristics.
  • DON’T Exceed the maximum weight limit found on the vehicle/basket placard.
  • DON’T Stand, sit, use a ladder or put planks on the handrails of a manlift to gain additional height.
  • DON’T Leave the confines of a manlift without obtaining permission.  See your Safety Coordinator or Superintendent for guidance.
  • DON’T Tie-off to an adjacent structure while working in a manlift.  As a general rule: when INSIDE the basket/platform, tie-off INSIDE the basket/platform.  When working OUTSIDE of the basket/platform, tie-off OUTSIDE the basket/platform.
  • DON’T Leave loose materials and tools on the floor of your platform.  They create a trip hazard and could be kicked off of the platform onto an unsuspecting worker below.  Containerize them.