Electrical Safety Safety

Electrical Safety II

General Safe Electrical Work Practices:

  1. Do not operate electrical disconnect switches unless you have been trained, Qualified and authorized to do so.
  2. When servicing or operation of electrical equipment of devices is required, adequate illumination shall be provided to conduct the work safely
  3. Electrical workers must strictly adhere to the jewelry policy. No jewelry, belt buckles, and/or metal framed glasses are permitted to be worn while performing electrical work or work that presents electrical hazards
  4. Excellent housekeeping shall be maintained around electrical equipment and devices, especially before and during the performance of related work.
  5. Any work area where energized equipment or systems are present shall be barricaded, signed, and controlled so as to prevent contact with such equipment or systems by unqualified persons.
  6. No crane, aerial device or other equipment shall be allowed closer than 10 feet of exposed energized conductors.