Electrical Safety III Safety

Electrical Safety III

General Safe Electrical Work Practices Continued:

  1. Anytime that work activity is undertaken that presents the possibility of contact with underground cables or other current carrying components, those lines and/or equipment and/or systems shall be identified as to location prior to commencement of the work activity.
  2. Electrical cords and equipment will be repaired with approved materials only. “Duct” or “electrical” tape should never be used to repair electrical cords or welding leads.
  3. All portable ladders used for electrical work shall have nonconductive side rails. Aluminum or wood ladders shall not be utilized when performing electrical work.
  4. Safe work practices and standard operating procedures shall be established to address the handling of conductive materials, tools, or equipment in areas where there is potential exposure to energized systems or equipment.
  5. If a circuit breaker trips more than once, electrically qualified personnel shall be notified to identify the cause of the trip and reset the circuit breaker. The continuous re-setting of circuit breakers is prohibited
  6. Under NO circumstances may a non-electrically qualified person open an electrical enclosure with exposed conductors to re-set a circuit breaker or other re-set device.