Electrical Safety IV Safety

Electrical Safety IV


Only qualified employees, or licensed contractors will be permitted to repair, replace or adjust electrical equipment and devices or systems. JJ White Inc.’s Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout/Verify) procedures and/or the Client’s Hazardous Energy Control procedures shall be utilized for all work that will or may potentially expose the employee to electrical energy sources. Before performing any work directly involving work on electrical equipment or systems that is capable of being re-energized, an Energy Isolation List (EIL) shall be completed for that work.

EIL for work tasks that are not directly related to electrical work but do have exposure to electrical energy sources shall contain the steps taken to reduce the electrical energy to a zero energy state. Specific safety-related work practices must be consistent with the nature and extent of the associated electrical hazards the employee may be exposed to. In all cases, lockout/tagout is the preferred safe work practices method and must be used.

No employee shall work on High Voltage conductors or component 600 volts or greater. The on-site Electrical General Foreman will arrange for qualified persons only to work on High Voltage conductors or components as may be required.

 Maintenance or installation work on energized parts is prohibited unless approved by the Site Location Manager.