Electrical Safety: High & Low Voltage Safety

Electrical Safety: High & Low Voltage

Electrical – High Voltage

Only authorized electricians may enter panels/cabinets and reset equipment.  If potential exists for contact with energized parts, the appropriate level of PPE protection shall be worn.

The appropriate level of protection is based upon the “Arc Flash Rating” of the equipment.

All Electricians must be trained per the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S, NFPA 70, and JJ White Electrical Safety Policy

Electrical – Low Voltage

Portable Power Tools are inspected for proper grounding prior to issuance.

Users of power tools must also inspect the tool prior to each use.

Ground fault protection (GFCI) is required for all cord & plug applications.

Electrical equipment repairs can be made by qualified electrical personnel only!