Electrical Safety: Portable Electric Tools Safety

Electrical Safety: Portable Electric Tools

  1. Portable electric tools shall be suitable for the intended task, rated for the intended environment & voltage, and shall be listed by an appropriate product safety testing and certification organization. All new portable electric tools shall be double insulated, if available.
  2. All portable electric tools shall be visually inspected prior to each use and the casing and cords shall be free of apparent electrical shock hazards. Any damaged portable electric tool shall be immediately removed from service.
  3. Each portable electric tool shall be tested on a quarterly basis or any time damage is suspected.
  4. Use a GFCI with any extension cord connected portable electric tool.
  5. All portable tools must be grounded, unless they are approved double insulated type.
  6. Droplights shall have a substantial guard over the bulb, be designed for hard or extra hard use, have a substantial molded handle.