Electrical Safety: Signage Safety

Electrical Safety: Signage

Signs provide information regarding a potential electrical shock hazard. They are also used to display information regarding operation and/or maintenance details. The basic requirement for signs are as follows:

  1. The sign shall be made of a durable material consistent with the anticipated environmental conditions and expected length of exposure.
  2. The color and shape of the sign shall be consistent with regulatory requirements.
  3. The lettering shall be large, highly visible, and easily seen in darkened, low light situations.
  4. Signs of warning/information are required at the following locations:
    • Electrical equipment that has unusual safety risks or is not typical of the location’s electrical systems.
    • On all doors to switchgear facilities, control houses and electrical rooms.
    • Where a low voltage bus is supplied from two or more sources creating a backfeed opportunity to the low voltage supply system
    • If temporary alterations made to the low voltage supply system may backfeed the low voltage supply system.
    • All equipment and devices shall be properly identified with easy-to-read lettering.