Fire Prevention VI Safety

Fire Prevention VI

The difference between the four categories of flammable liquids is that those with the lowest flash points and boiling points are designated as Category 1 flammables, and those with the progressively higher flash points are designated as Categories 2, 3, or 4. So, all other things being equal, a Category 1 flammable liquid would be much easier to ignite than a Category 4 liquid. 

This difference in the hazards associated with the various categories of flammable liquids is evident when we look at the container labels and Safety Data Sheets for these liquids. Flammable liquids designated as categories 1 and 2 will display the signal word “Danger” on their labels, but Category 3 and 4 flammable liquids will display the signal word “Warning”. 

This is also why labels and SDS’s generally require us to take much more stringent precautions when handling or storing a Category 1 flammable liquid than when using a liquid from one of the higher categories. 

So please, pay close attention to the category of flammable liquids you are using at work (and home), and follow all precautionary statements for the safe storage and use of those products that are listed on their Safety Data Sheets and container labels. Doing so will help prevent fires, and injuries, from occurring due to mishandling or misuse.