Cold Weather Safety Safety

Cold Weather Safety

How can we prepare for cold weather?

Cold weather in our region is around the corner, and as the winter season approaches, there are many hazards that can expose us to potential slip, trips and fall injuries.  In addition, there are hazards that can pose immediate problems to our health and body. 

Some tips for staying stay safe and getting prepared for the winter: 

  1. Stock up on layers of clothing and beware of clothing hazards that can strangle or get caught up in equipment. 
  2. Check the weather conditions daily to be prepared.
  3. Stock up on salt for walking surfaces.
  4. Identify ice hazards both overhead and below.
  5. Stay hydrated.
  6. Get a scrapper for windshields.
  7. Get equipped with the proper snow tools such as shovels.
  8. Drive slow and with caution.
  9. When walking on an icy terrain, Use caution and slow movements, Use boot grips or spikes. 
  10. Call for medical help if someone is experiencing winter symptoms.

Winter months are heading towards the region, and everyone should begin thinking about all things that are needed to be prepared for the winter.