Work Scope Changes Safety

Work Scope Changes

The most important action to be taken when conditions or a work scope changes is to STOP and think about any new hazards that could potentially exist.  The best way to do this is with a JSA.

As a reminder the JSA process is a way to systematically assess job hazards and to develop and apply corrective and/or preventive measures when needed.  Information developed through the JSA process is reviewed with all employees performing the job.  The JSA process is driven and documented with a JSA form.

The three main components of a JSA are:

Basic Job Steps.  The job is broken down sequentially into its basic, essential steps.  

Hazard Identification.  For each basic job step ask where and how each type of energy could be encountered, either planned or unexpectedly.  

Job Safety Instructions/Hazard Mitigation.  For each hazard not adequately controlled with basic PPE or existing procedures, decide what additional measures are needed to control the hazards.  

If the task steps listed on the JSA form change, or if conditions change that affect the hazards or control measures on the JSA form, then the JSA must be updated.  Alternately, a new JSA form can be completed.  The changes must be reviewed with all members on the crew/team who will sign off on the revised/new JSA form.

Remember, when work scope changes, the JSA form must be updated!