Hazard Awareness Safety

Hazard Awareness

Before any work begins on a job, a JSA is generated and reviewed with the crew at the jobsite.  The idea behind the JSA process is Hazard Identification and mitigation.  The more hazards we can identify, the better we can eliminate them.   

Our JSA cards specifically ask to identify hazards in three of the most common injury categories.   

  • Slip/Trip/Falls
  • Chemical/Thermal Burns
  • Cut/Pinch/Crush Hazards

The JSA review takes place at the job location to allow for input from the crew. The Foreman and crew lists the steps of the job breaking the work down into clear steps.  The Foreman and crew then lists the hazards associated with each step.  Finally, the Foreman and Crew eliminate the hazards with safe work practices or specialized PPE.  When the JSA is reviewed at the jobsite, the crew has an opportunity to add their observations.  This is a good opportunity for additional hazards to be added.  After all hazards are identified and mitigated, the crew prints their name on the JSA card.  Transfers into the gang must review and add their name to the card before they can start work on that job.  The JSA is a valuable tool that has been proven the reduce injuries on the job.   Take it seriously, think the job through and we will always have injury free work!  

Remember:  If it isn’t safe, stop, contact your Foreman!