Crane Operator Visibility of Ground Operations Safety

Crane Operator Visibility of Ground Operations

Construction accidents that involve cranes often relate to struck-by incidents, when the crane or its load is in too close contact with personnel, objects, and/or other equipment. In these incidents, limited or poor visibility of resources in the surrounding work space is often the cause of the problem. 

The result is often the death, serious injury of worker(s), and/or significant collateral damage to property. 

Always give the “right of way” to cranes when they are traveling on your job site. Crane Operators have a limited view while traveling due to the boom section of the crane being in the down position. Crane Operators should utilize a spotter or spotters to assist in the relocation of cranes on the work site. 

Tool Box Talk based on NMGC submitted by Robert Chandler – Paulsboro Refinery