Job Interruptions Safety

Job Interruptions

What other work in the area can cancel or delay a job?

Many variables need to align when completing tasks on a jobsite in order for those tasks to be completed safely.  On an ongoing basis, at a minimum, we are responsible for keeping multi craft workers safe as the project progresses.  That’s the minimum, and that takes many qualified people doing flawless work.  Add to that the need to maintain the equipment (both on a planned and unplanned basis), and the need to design new equipment, you end up with a very large facility with a large number of people and many different short and long term objectives.

Given these complexities, things don’t always go exactly according to plan.

Every day, work is being performed, JSA’s are completed to ensure we use every tool we have to identify hazards, both existing and potential, and ensure they are appropriately mitigated.  However, these activities are only as good as the conditions that were present at the time they occurred.  

The awareness we all need to have is that, no matter what the plan, conditions can change at any moment, and our ability to recognize the change and seek guidance is key to our ongoing safety.  Sometimes something as simple as preparing a piece of equipment for maintenance, or building a scaffold near a ground level job, has the potential to impact the work being conducted.  Be alert, be aware, and take action when conditions change.  It may delay the completion of the work you are doing, it may even cancel it for the day, but safety awareness and communication are the tools within your control to keep yourself and others safe.