Holiday Distractions Safety

Holiday Distractions

The holiday season can be an enjoyable time; however, you must remain focused on your tasks and responsibilities to avoid distractions from the holiday activities while at work. Many of us take on more responsibilities outside of work, which why it is important not to allow ourselves to become distracted at work.  Avoiding distractions at work will require some additional effort.  Below are some suggestions on dealing with holiday distractions, and to help you stay focused at work.  

  • Take a few days off
  • Plan early and communicate your expectations and schedule
  • Create your to-do list and prioritize tasks
  • Avoid Multitasking
  • Don’t take your work home
  • Get into the spirit
  • Watch out for distractions
  • Take care of yourself physically
  • Don’t over commit
  • Remind yourself to stay focused at work

Remember what the holidays are all about, and make sure you take time take enjoy the holiday season with your family and the people you care about.