Caught In-Between Safety

Caught In-Between


EXCAVATIONS – Sides could collapse; other equipment could fall into excavation

MACHINERY/EQUIPMENT – Check your guards, could your shirt, hand, arm or leg be caught or dragged in the moving part.

MATERIAL HANDLING – Loads can shift without warning.

How can you prevent this type of incident?

  • Inspect excavations, tools, machinery, stored materials and loads before starting work task.
  • Make sure all guards are in place.
  • When working with other workers, tell them what you are doing. Watch each other before taking action.    
  • Look for pinch points, look for a way out, and never think it won’t happen to you.
  • What should we be looking for when we inspect the work place?


  • Need to be Benched, Sloped, or Shored.
  • Must have access when excavation is 4 ft. or more in depth, within 25’ of walking distance within the trench.
  • Soil piles need to be a minimum of 2 ft. away from the side of excavation and properly barricade around excavations.


  • Look for guards make sure they are in place and secured.


  • Check back up alarm, is the horn working, is the glass free of cracks and clean.
  • Before working on equipment make sure to lockout/tag-out or block energy sources.


  • Before picking up loads or moving loads make sure they are secured or stacked properly.
  • Use proper rigging.
  • Keep your hands and feet away from and in between the loads you are moving.