Impairment & You Safety

Impairment & You

Physical or mental impairment

  • A worker with a physical or mental impairment which may affect the worker’s ability to safely perform assigned work must inform his or her supervisor or employer of the impairment, and must not knowingly do work where the impairment may create an undue risk to the worker or anyone else.

Impairment by alcohol, drug or other substance

  • A person must not enter or remain at any workplace while the person’s ability to work is affected by alcohol, a drug or other substance so as to endanger the person or anyone else
  • Every worker must ensure that the worker’s ability to work without risk to his or her health or safety, or to the health or safety of any other person, is not impaired by alcohol, drugs or other causes
  • 100% Compliance with the drug and alcohol policy, NO DRUG OR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION ON SITE. IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. 

Sometimes however, a momentary lapse of reason, a thoughtless mistake, could cost you your job; forcing the hand of an employer that had no intention or reason to fire a worker he counted on for a good day’s work and many more to follow.
No job, no income…bleak future 

Good, well-paying jobs like the ones we have are hard to come by. Finding good people to fill them is equally challenging. Sure, have some fun when you’re off site; while you’re doing it, listen to that little voice in your head, it’s trying to help save your job and probably your future.